Free parking returns to Horton Plaza!

Has it really been seven months since the #@$%&*!#$&@#s at Horton Plaza decided to replace 3 hours of free parking with the flat unreasonable rate of $8 an hour?

Business must have taken a hit, for it was announced that as of Monday, Horton Plaza has reverted to its old self-validating policy of granting gratis parking for up to three hours.

Are you done celebrating? Good! Now get in your car and head on over to Reading Cinemas Gaslamp 15 and the Regal Horton Plaza. The parking's once again on Westfield!

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Hallelujah! I knew when they did it that they would regret it. Yes!

Now to see what's playing at Reading Gaslamp. Any recommendations, Mr Marks?

Sure, JJ! The dark thriller "A Single Shot" starring Sam Rockwell and William H. Macy opens Friday. My four star review will run in print and online starting Wednesday. And lay off the Mr. stuff. Mr. Marks was my father. Please, call me Scooter.

Great news! We use that place a lot, but recently only if we were going to a movie there.

When a shopping center that isn't doing all that well, having lost many of its anchor tenants over the years, decides to take a hard line on parking, ya' wondah. So, they've backed down, huh? Sanity prevails.

One of the reasons for the "liberal" parking policy initially was that Horton was in fact the hub of downtown SD, such as it was. The city and its mayor Pete Wilson had made "downtown revitalization" a top priority for many years, and when it was finally realized, the city and its fathers/mothers wanted to bring people downtown. High priced parking was NOT going to do that, and hence, there was free parking for the masses. One can only imagine how well that went down with the developer, "Doity" Ernie Hahn. He probably gagged on it.

Sadly, even the parking didn't make Horton Plaza a rousing success, and its presence didn't rub off on the surrounding area, as far as retail went. The things that make downtown SD interesting today have little to do with the stores in Horton Plaza. But at least now, Horton isn't still shooting itself in the foot every day with prohibitive parking charges for most of the users. But, tourists beware!

Scooter it is!

I hope Horton Plaza now sees a jump in sales and gets the message. Right now, the only thing the tourists come away with from HP is a certain mystified feeling; the result of never truly knowing what floor they were on or how they got there and the 20 minutes it took them to find their car. You know they're in the zone when you see them walking around mumbling "fruit or vegetable?"

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