Eastwood and ex dig wife swapping?

Any which way you can, eh, Clint?

Maybe chick-bait Clint Eastwood has a thing for women with the last name Fisher. He spent 5 years shacking up with actress Frances Fisher and now, after a highly publicized split from wife #2, Dina, Clint has been seen in the company of Erica Tomlinson-Fisher.

Will Carrie Fisher be next?

Don't expect to find Dirty Harry snuggling up to Cherty Carrie in a galaxy far, far away anytime soon. That would actually make more sense than the scenario that is currently being played out.

According to news.com.au, "Dina Eastwood has since been linked with her old university friend and former Perth Wildcats basketballer and coach Scott Fisher" while "Clint Eastwood has recently been spotted out with Fisher’s ex-wife Erica Tomlinson-Fisher."

The second Mrs. Eastwood is a former news anchor. The couple met in 1996 during an on-air interview.

Clint has been quoted as saying, "Marriages are made in heaven. But so is thunder and lightning."

Note to Malpaso: put The Company Inside Mrs. Eastwood in turnaround and wait for a negative pickup deal.

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The chair used at the 2012 RNC had no comment.

When did this become a Hollywood gossip column?

When it comes to anything concerning Clint, Marty, and Jerry!

Jay Mohr tells a great story working with Clint Eastwood on that "I see dead people" movie. He said that Eastwood told him he never got involved in drugs, but that his drug was "pussy." Mohr said he would've laughed, except it was seconds before a scene he was shooting with Matt Damon in a small apartment.

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