Sloppy seconds? Ken Scott gets another shot at his high concept

Perhaps the ultimate example of making an indie film in order to break into Hollywood

Hey, did you see the sperm-donor comedy">Starbuck? Probably not - it made just $335,000 in the States, and received">middling reviews. But hey, it managed to do">$1.6 million worldwide! And you know what else it managed to do? Convince the suits at Dreamworks to let writer director Ken Scott make the same damn film a second time just two years after the original, but this time starring Vince Vaughn as the lovable loser/super-semen-sharer instead of Patrick Huard.">" alt="None">

by Matthew Lickona

Suddenly, it all makes sense?


I quoteth from the book of Burton, chapter Ed Wood, verse 1994:

Edward D. Wood, Jr.: Yes, but if you take that crap and put a star in it, then you've got something.

Georgie Weiss: Yeah. Crap with a star.

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