Bowery boy Scorsese pens impassioned plea to preserve old neighborhood

It was the first story to cross the transom this morning. Groggy me reached for the nearest pair of Big!Lots readers in order to make sure my eyes weren't playing tricks and that Marty had not announced plans to resurrect Satch, Slip, and Louie.

Au contraire, mon Capitán! In a raging letter to Amanda Burden, Chair of New York's City Planning Commission, Marty implored that an end be put to the real rain of high-rise apartment buildings and condos that threaten to wash away the heritage of the Bowery.

Don't fuck with His backlot, ya' hear what I'm saying?

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His misuse of the words synonymous and nostalgic make it easy not to take him seriously.

He probably shouldn't have mentioned Gangs of New York. ; )

The Leo Gorcey letter would have been a much better plea:

"Alright, youse guys. It's been an extinct pleasure representin' the Bowery for de's many years. It would positively inebriate me to see the ol' neighborhood get renumerated. I ask youse for yer help. I'm a victim of my own verbacity, and I don't even know what that is."

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