A gallery of 33 vintage posters from Hollywood's Golden Age of cartoons

Feature length theatrical releases were not the only films to get the royal ballyhoo treatment back in the day. Posters heralding the arrival of a new one-reel animated wonder -- frequently as colorful as the shorts they hyped -- were splashed across the front of theatres. In some cases the shorts even had added marquee value.

There's a file on my desktop marked "Cartoon Posters" that contains hundreds of scans. Today seems as good a day as any to crack open the repository and share the wealth. Forgive me for not dating all of the pics, but when I started 'collecting' these images it was never with the intent of sharing them.

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Wow! Very cool. What would have been the average size of these? Lobby cards or giant posters? Incredible collection. Do you actually collect the posters as well, or just the images?

Just the images, Ken. If I owned these posters I'd have retired a long time ago. The standard size of a movie one-sheet is approximately 30x40. Same as today, providing you can still find a poster in a multiplex.

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