Oh, come on

I make a pledge to turn movies into Durex condom ads, and you send me a trailer about a girl setting out to lose her virginity? Seriously?

Yes, yes they did - here is the ever so naughty red-band trailer for The To-Do List.

Aw, Aubrey Plaza. I liked you so much in Safety Not Guaranteed. But http://www.sandiegoreader.com/weblogs/big-screen/2013/jun/03/product-placement-is-so-yesterday/">I said I'd do this, so here goes.

Number one on every to-do list: buy Durex condoms.

LARGER CULTURAL POINT: Well of course they had to go back to 1993 to make this. If they'd set it any later, the whole movie would be, "Oh, you don't know much about the variety of sexual experience? Spend an hour on YouPorn. Here's a list of search terms." And where's the comedy in that? Basically, 1993 is the new Victorian era.


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