A closer look at the red-band trailer for the Evil Dead remake

Not much to say, but please enjoy these screencaps of the Necronomicon.

Oh, and be forewarned, it's really, really gross and violent and nasty.

I do love this opening shot: it's what Wes Anderson would do if he were a little less controlled and a little more interested in viscera.

Mostly, I though it would be fun to pause on the images from the Book of the Dead that gets everything started. (MESSAGE: DON'T READ BOOKS, KIDS. IT WILL RELEASE HORRIBLE DEMONS.) This has got to be kind of a holy grail for horror prop designers: a chance to take on a cult item like this.

In the original, the interior images were just a touch campy, in keeping with the comedic tinge:

I mean, who lets a comic-book artist illustrate their book of evil? This time, the designers went for a more classical approach, overlaid with the occasional recently written warning:

(Nice shout-out to the original poster there.)

Question: what will this fellow do? Answer:

Oh, and don't bother trying to hide:

You know, cuz he's the devil.

Anyway, I'm gonna see if I can track down an interview with the designers before this thing comes out in April. Wish me luck.

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