Crybaby DeNiro gives best performance in years

Call me Satan, but I sure do love it when celebrities break down in public.">" alt=""Why did I agree to this crap instead of 'The Wolf of Wall Street?'"">">"Why did I agree to this crap instead of 'The Wolf of Wall Street?'" by Scott Marks

First off, what the f is Robert DeNiro doing on Katie? Ooooh! It's bad enough that praise is being heaped upon his latest walk-through performance in Silver Linings Playbook. Look how he makes himself look on national TV. Like a bum. Like a crybaby mamaluke. Crybaby mamaluke* of the year!

It's a know fact that DeNiro hates doing promotional appearances almost as much as he dislikes working without a script. For the first half of the segment Bobby sits at the end of the couch looking like Jerry Mahoney minus Paul Winchell's fist up his back. When Silver Linings director David O. Russell begins to exploit his son's bi-polar disorder in order to sell more tickets, DeNiro waits for his closeup and, as if on cue, begins peeing with his eyes." rel="nofollow">!

I'll see you all in hell, but damn if this isn't funnier than anything in Identity Thief.


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