See the book, read the movie

A pictorial history of title credits from literary adaptations A thru M

Read any good movies lately? Long before hardbound comic books like Harry Potter and Twilight began passing for literature, and the subheading "Based on a True Story" became a lazy screenwriters raison d'etre, Hollywood did it's fair share or ransacking library shelves for source material.

Not all movies taken from novels wear their literary adaptations on their sleeves. Here are a few features that proudly boast their pedigree in trailers and opening credit sequences. And remember: in the eyes of Hollywood, it doesn't have to be a classic to be good.

Coming Soon: N thru Z!

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Funny... I read Captain from Castille years ago. I remember thinking, "Mediocre book, but it would make a good movie." But I never investigated to find out whether a movie had ever been made.

Was it any good, Great and Powerful Marks?

The other thing that struck me is the cheap-looking volumes some of these use. A few have dust jackets on them.

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