A Home for Spielberg

Today is moving day and while making one last pass at the dumpster, I noticed that a neighbor had cleansed his video collection.

Come on now, it's gonna be a nice day!


I'd feel embarrassed if I was that box fan sitting next to it.

"Hey, look! The fan's got a piece of S--tberg on it... hahahahaha!"

Bring your sunglasses for the Lincoln movie. Don't hurt your eyes.

Anyway, I used to think you had a cool job, but it's hard work to sit through the crap you have to slog through every year.

Here's some recent gems I've seen:

The Lusty Men - (thank God Ted has done one thing right! Superb HD copies of great films) I've been meaning to see this one for years, and I was blown off my rocker. I've fallen and I can't get up (canned laughter).

La cérémonie - All comparisons to Hitchcock are for lazy ass critics. Chabrol stands on his own!

Going Places (1974) - Just think I went from La cérémonie to Going Places! Gérard Depardieu is demented in the best way possible. they would never make this in America. Never.

Johnny Carson King of Late NIght (PBS) - I'm looking forward to the day they start rebroadcasting the vault.

Deconstructing Harry - Woody Scorsese. It's nice to hear Woody cursing nonstop.

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