Okay, look. Blogging is hard, you know? [Cue tiny violins.] Some days, the infinite glories of the Internet just leave a fellow numb - too much information, man. On those days, he's liable to go into a kind of fugue state, and just stare at the Reader's movie page for what seems like hours...

...and after a while, he starts to giggle. Because how much fun would it be to switch the titles of the two "Diaries" films in that image? It totally works! Those two pale creatures could easily pass for radiation-blanched Russians - perfect for Chernobyl Diaries. The horror is palpable! And that radioactivity symbol might fly as a stylized moth.

And how much more fun would it be to switch the titles of Men in Black III and Bernie? See, it's funny because one of them is a woman!

Back to work.

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That makes two of us who need to get back to work.

Thanks for the LOL break.

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