Terrifying New Image from Prometheus

Look, Shame was not a big movie, but it did help to make Michael Fassbender a big star, or at least it helped the rest of the world see that Michael Fassbender was a big star, or at least, that he had a big...star. Never mind. You've heard George Clooney's joke on the subject, and apparently, Prometheus director Ridley Scott concurs:

"Seriously. The man's talent is huge."

SO. While Prometheus may or may not be a prequel to Alien, it's clearly related - hello, Space Jockey! And much has already been made of the sexual anxieties that are addressed/exploited in the Alien franchise. That phallic head on the original beastie.




That whole unwanted-penetration-resulting-in-pregnancy throat-rape facehugger thing.


That giving-birth-will-kill-you scene.


The nightmare fallopian tube/Ripley rejects the biological imperative scene.


(Sorry about the music.)

And so on and so on.

GIVEN ALL THAT, it's more than a little harrowing to see Michael Fassbender exploring a dark, quasi-organic tunnel dwarfs even a man of his stature.

If anyone wants us, we'll be admiring the size of the guns in this Expendables 2 poster.

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