Project X-Treme Educational Value

In Light of Bully Movie Campaign for Rating Reduction and Expanded Audience, Project X Filmmakers Push for PG-13 Rating on High School Party Movie.

"Kids Need to Learn Not to Throw Massive Parties, Do Lots of Drugs, and Then Burn Down Their Parents' Houses."

Bullied high school junior Katy Butler has mounted a campaign to get the MPAA to reduce the rating of the documentary Bully from R to PG-13. "Because of the R rating, most kids won’t get to see this film," she argues. "No one under 17 will be allowed to see the movie, and the film won’t be allowed to be screened in American middle schools or high schools. I can’t believe the MPAA is blocking millions of teenagers from seeing a movie that could change -- and, in some cases, save -- their lives."

Apparently inspired by Butler's campaign, Project X producer Todd Philips has mounted a similar campaign on behalf of his "found-footage party-gone-wild" film. "Every year, countless teens take throw parties in their parents' homes, parties which often get out of hand and result in damaged property, physical injury, and shattered lives. By downgrading the film's rating from R to PG-13, the MPAA would be opening up Project X's message about the dangers of blowout high-school parties to the people who really need it: high-schoolers. Plus, revenues are, you know, starting to slow, and we could really use a boost."

[No, not really.]

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