Oscar Class of 2012 Group Photo

Several weeks before Hollywood's annual version of the Bataan Death March, the hopefuls gather at the Beverly Hills Hilton for the Academy Awards nominations luncheon. After the rubber-chicken entree, the group assembles for a commemorative photo.


According to Cinema Blend, "The nominees aren't assigned to stand anywhere in particular and nobody seems to pull rank." No kidding! What professional photog would stick mini-Marty in the back row? In Hollywood as in life, He stands front and center! To add insult to injury, look what's surgically attached to Marty trying to hog the limelight. Spielberg belongs in the lot valet parking cars, not posing next to The Master.

Visit Cinema Blend and click on the photo to view the billboard-sized version.

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The Academy certainly went with much higher brow nominees this year which I think will lose them a large portion of their young audience. After doing better at being in touch with the public the past two years, these stiff nominees just fall flat. I usually have something in common with the choice but not this year- if the contenders seem stuffy to you, check out my own Top 10 Movie Picks of 2011 at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot.com/2012/01/top-10-movie-picks-of-2011.html where you won’t see a single of the Academy’s nominees for Best Picture but you will get some movie artwork I drew up as well as the reviews!

I've seen all but three films on your list: The Kevin Smith picture never made it to San Diego, I wouldn't see another "X-Men" sequel at gunpoint (I'm the anti-ComicCon), and I never heard of "Ironclad." With all due respect, with the exception of "The Guard" (which also cracked my top ten) these are all relatively safe, commercial choices. Are you allergic to subtitles? The only reason "The Beaver" didn't make my ten worst is because it would be like picking on a mentally challenged mutt. It played like a made-for-Lifetime one-off to me. J.C. Chandor's script for "Margin Call" -- which managed to tell you everything by telling you nothing -- was probably my favorite of last year, but his direction was flat at times, so no room for it on my TT. The one I have the biggest problem with is "Super8." They lifted ten scenes from other movies and strung them together to create something "original." It was also a love letter to spielberg. Hoofa! I'll take "Gremlins," Joe Dante's poison pen letter, any day. Anyway, I read your stuff and you read mine. AND you have peace symbol wallpaper! Consider yourself "bookmarked." Let the head-butting begin! Stop by anytime, Dreg!

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