The Title or Trailer Game III: The List is Life

Once again I dig deep into my treasure-trove of DVDs and come up with an arcane collection of title-cards and key-artwork.

This time around we have a bumper-crop of pictures with themes ranging from incest, madness, and combat to vanity, vice, and gold digging. There are three death-wishes, two bloody mummies (if you count Judith Anderson's wicked stepmother) and one shinebox! The passion burns deep and the heat this summer, and every summer, is at Saint Elmo's Fire. It's our time at the edge. Don't ever let the fire go out.

There will be brief stopovers at Hollywood Boulevard, the Pacific, a Himalayan brothel-cum-convent, in Bruges, and jolly old Brooklyn, England where we will watch all of Paul Kersey-Kimball's friends, loved-ones, and casual acquaintances live out their personal death wishes. (More on Death Wish III tomorrow!)

Your job, as always, is to ascertain which ones open the feature and which ones adorn the trailers.

1a.) Image

1b.) Image

2a.) Image

2b.) Image

3a.) Image

3b.) Image

4a.) Image

4b.) Image

5a.) Image

5b.) Image

6a.) Image

6b.) Image

7a.) Image

7b.) Image


8a.) Image

8b.) Image

9a.) Image

9b.) Image

10a.) Image

10b.) Image

11a.) Image

11b.) Image

12a.) Image

12b.) Image

13a.) Image

13b.) Image

14a.) Image

14b.) Image

15a.) Image

15b.) Image


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Well, since nobody has jumped in so far, here I go. 1.a)Title b)Trailer 2.a)Trailer b)Title 3.a)Trailer b)Title 4.a)Title b)Trailer 5.a)Title b)Trailer 6.a)Trailer b)Title 7.a)Trailer b)Title 8.a)Trailer b)Title 9.a)Trailer b)Title 10.a)Trailer b)Title (loved the review, by the way) 11.a)Title b)Trailer 12.a)Trailer b)Title 13.a)Title b)Trailer 14.a)Trailer b)Title 15.a)Trailer b)Title

14 out of 15 is superb, but I'm shocked that you missed #4, particularly after that pristine 16mm 'Scope print I screened repeatedly. There are no opening credits, just the title (4b). 4a is from the closing credits.

I'm ashamed to say that I have never seen "In Harms Way", something which I shall soon rectify. Where did you screen it?

Columbia! I showed it in my history classes as well as the 'Scope class. It's my favorite Otto.

Maybe I was sick that day. I plead the fifth.

Cinderfella! Filmed at the Beverly Hill Billies home (Kirkiby mansion), 750 Bel Air Road. Filmed the last Grace Kelly picture there too, High Society.

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