Peter Jackson announces plan to divide Tintin sequel into three films

Dept. of No, Not Really

"It says here that Jackson is taking over from Spielberg." "Out of the frying pan and into the fire." "To be precise: after the Hobbit gets panned, he should be fired."

Peter Jackson, the celebrated director of such films as Bad Taste, The Frighteners, and The Lovely Bones, has announced his plan to take over directing reins on the Tintin movie sequel from director Steven Spielberg. He also announced his intention to split that sequel into a trilogy. "Spielberg's film was based on the Tintin comic-book adventure The Secret of the Unicorn, a story which was completed in Red Rackham's Treasure. But there are fully 24 Tintin adventures out there, and this trilogy format will allow us to incorporate material from those additional volumes in a way that will give viewers a more complete understanding of Captain Haddock's alcoholism, the whereabouts of Tintin's parents, and the newspaper industry as it existed in the 1940s. Plus, we'll be animating it at 96 frames per second, which will give viewers the impression that the characters on screen have actually crawled inside their heads."

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