May Ten: Big Screen Anniversary Party at House of Blues

When I worked with the public radio station in town we were forbidden from handing out prizes on the air. Knowing that The Big Screen is rapidly approaching its one year anniversary, Matt and I wanted to put together a trivia contest with prizes to reward our readers with something other than a daily slug of cinematic moonshine fermented by our rapier wits.

Fearing there might be some corporate loophole concerning the dispensing of gifts at The Reader, I contact my editor Ernie "Occasionally" Grimm, and request a ruling. Thirty-six hours pass and I still have yet to receive a response. Damn!

Then suddenly, there is a change.">" alt="I "tested" the artwork on a few friends who asked, "Will all the questions be about 'Taxi Driver?'" No!">">I "tested" the artwork on a few friends who asked, "Will all the questions be about 'Taxi Driver?'" No! by Scott Marks

I met The Reader's marketing, social media, events, and Street Team Captain, Andy Boyd (herein referred to by his birth name, Reader Andy), at last year's Christmas party. I instantly peg Reader Andy as the guy throwing out Reader swag before nighttime promotional movie screenings.

Ernie forwarded my email to Reader Andy who was brewing some bad ideas of his own. Forget about blogging a quiz. We're talking the big time: a live trivia party at the House of Blues on May Ten, which is not only The Big Screen's anniversary, but the first entry in Travis Bickle's diary.

Coincidence? There are no coincidences! It's Kismet! Toys of fate, you screwheads!

The party is open to all, but in order to participate you must first answer">these five qualifying questions. Names will be drawn from a hat and winners will be contacted the day of the show.

You know the disclaimer at the end of The Match Game or The Price is Right that says something to the effect that friends and employees are not eligible to enter? The hell you say! If you work for The Reader or call yourself a friend we welcome your participation. The only ones who will know the questions prior to showtime are the three guys that wrote them -- David Elliott, Matt, and this reporter -- and you'll never get anything out of us unless you use a pump.">" alt="HERE IS...">">HERE IS... by Scott Marks

Winners will be paired off in six teams of two. We'll go from group to group and teammates will be allowed to confer. After 5 incorrect answers, both members of the team will be eliminated. When it comes down to one team standing, both members will be pitted against and may the best person take home the grand prize.

And what a prize it is! The gift of movies: a one year pass for two good at all Reading Cinemas! Don't dare confuse this with one of those cheapo Entertainment Book cards that restricts admittance to weeknight showings, but an actual plastic pass good at any time.

Would you and a friend like to sit next to me in the Gaslamp for the first day/first showing of Le Quattro Volte or see Big Momma's: Like Father Like Son opening night in the big Grossmont for free? Want to spend quality time in the lobby with Town Square manager, Jennifer Deering, before the Friday night premier of The Smurfs?">" alt="Last year's host, A. Pismo Clam, with winning entrants, Team Borzage.">">Last year's host, A. Pismo Clam, with winning entrants, Team Borzage. by Scott Marks

If properly abused, this card could be worth thousands! Don't expect simple trivia. We're not going to ask that you name the only actor ever to have worked with Hitchcock, Ford, and Hawks, but by the same token, don't count on any "true or false" questions or multiple choice answers.

Crossroads at the House of Blues opens its doors open at 6 p.m. and the contest kicks off at 7:30 p.m.

Fine print: Credit Jessica Wentzel with the terrific artwork. Marty would be proud! Thanks to Reader Andy, the House of Blues, and the irreplaceable JoEllen Brantferger at Reading Cinemas for making this possible! Void where prohibited by law. Contestants must be of drinking age, I'm warning you! If you're gonna' drink, don't drive. You might spill some.

If there are any questions, now is the time to speak up. Good luck. You'll need it!


YES! This is going to be so beyond awesome. And yes, huge thanks to House of Blues, all at Reading Cinemas and Sir Mr. Scott Marks here for making this all happen!

Man, what a killer party Team Borzage had at the Best Western after we won the competition! We stayed up past 11 and everything!

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