The Advertising in Regal Mira Mesa's Lobby is Mighty Big

But you know what? Hugh Jackman's looked better.


I actually like seeing dramatic movies in smaller theaters. I say LA Confidential in a theater that had only 20 seats, and it turned out to be an awesome experience.

I saw "Top Gun" at the 1,000 seat theater on University south of College on opening night in 1986, and for a show like that the bigger the better. Same for a film like Avatar or Star Wars, the bigger the better.

I love matinees - the thrill of sneaking in at 12 or 1 and seeing a movie while the world drives thru McDonald's on their lunch hour.

A theater 1/2 hour down the road from me in another county starts their matinees at 11 AM! A year ago, I was the only person in attendance for "Jackass 3D" - my coat had its own row and I was able to laugh as loud as I wanted (which I did) without bothering anyone.

Then you walk out of the theater, into the daylight, and the eyes burn. Glorious!

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