SD Jewish Film Festival Screens The Human Resources Manager

Other than a press screening some time ago, Eran Riklis' The Human Resources never saw the light of a projector bulb in our town.

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Don't worry, folks. It's subtitled in American!

That is soon to be amended. The San Diego Jewish Film Festival will show the Israeli black comedy for one night only on Sunday, October 23 at 7:00 p.m. Some of you will remember Riklis' brilliant Lemon Tree, in which a Palestinian widow is asked by her neighbor (the Israeli minister of defense) to cut down a field of lemon trees on her property because they pose a security risk. (Terrorists and Trini Lopez love hiding out in lemon trees.)

Expect the same type of dry, absurd humor in The Human Resources Manager. Fearing that bad news might sully their reputation, a corporate bakery assigns the task of damage control to their HR Manager after a low-level employee turns out to be a suicide bomber.

The Human Resources Manager screens at the David and Dorothea Garfield Theatre, located at the Lawrence Family Jewish, 4126 Executive Drive, La Jolla. Tickets are $13.50. For more information call 858-362-1348 or">click to visit their web site.">The Human Resources Manager Trailer by">Potential Films


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