The Texas Chainsaw Massacre to get 3-D Leatherface-lift

http://www.sandiegoreader.com/movies/texas-chainsaw-massacre/">The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Tobe Hooper's ultra low budget 1974 horror opus, has generated three sequels, a remake, a prequel, a video game, and countless imitations, as well as holding the dubious distinction of giving rise to the foulest genre of them all: the slasher film.

Lionsgate, the house that Saw built, announced plans Monday to upgrade from a Jigsaw to a line of cordless Black & Deckers. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3-D, which goes before the cameras next month, will be the first in a series of six (!) planned remakes.

No word yet on who will reprise the roles of Leatherface (I'm hoping for Danny Trejo) or his cannibalistic kin, but John Luessenhop (Takers) is in talks to direct.


Reminds me of the old Onion headline: Bottom of the Barrel Scraped Dangerously Thin.

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