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Look, it's late August. Movies are released on weekends like this one because, well, they have to release something, don't they? So yeah — Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, written but not directed by creepmeister Guillermo Del Toro. That's power: "Hey, I liked this TV movie. Lemme write a screenplay and you make a feature film out of it." Good for him. Still, Mr. Elliott was not thrilled. Or especially scared, which is worse.

But! Higher Ground — a serious film about religion! Our Idiot Brother — an unserious film about family! Senna — a film about a serious (and beloved) racecar driver who was somehow not an American! All meriting three stars! Who knew? It's hot — go sit in an air-conditioned theater and see what there is to see!

In the capsules: Spy Kids 4D: All the Time in the World, 30 Minutes or Less, Griff the Invisible, The Names of Love, and Mr. Marks on Conan the Barbarian and Fright Night.


Pictured above: Still from Higher Ground

Picture top left: Still from Our Idiot Brother

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