Hallelujah Monday in EV

Monday, April 12, 2010 Padres home opener. What a game!!!!!!

Padres beat the Atlanta Braves 17-2. During the pre-game hoopla, we had a lovely downpour. It was cold & wet. Then there was nary a drop throughout the game. sThe Braves might have thought it was still raining as the Padres players kept rounding the bases, heading for 'home'. In the 4th inning, the home town team scored 10 runs. Golly, gee whiz, that was fun. We also were watching & hoping for someone to hit for the cycle. Both Venable & Blanks were in a position to do so, but it did not happen. I was thinking it would be really great to have 2 in one game, to make up for the fact that not one Padres player has ever hit for the cycle (as a Padre).

Actually, though the game was great and it was fun to see my compadres, there was a damper on the day. A long time season ticket holder, a fixture at every game, a good friend to many at the ballpark and especially in section 303, developed chest pain and had open heart surgery on Saturday. I spoke to his wife and learned he is doing very good. I am especially fond of this man as he insisted on walking me home from the games following my cervical spine surgery 3 years ago. He is also Mr. Fix it and I'm sure he is chomping at the bit to get back to doing something. He will have pain for awhile, especially in the sternum (that's the bone in the middle of your chest) which they have to split open to get to the heart. So, whatever your 'method', please send him some mojo, good wishes, prayers, etc. That goes out from section 303, too. We miss you, row 6, seat 1.

This is IMPORTANT: When is a toll-free phone call NOT toll-free?

Answer: On your cell phone. Both incoming and outgoing calls to toll-free numbers result in a charge on your bill. I called Verizon and they said that since the calls put me over the minute limit, I incurred $36 in additional charges on my bill. I have looked at my contract, all the user guides, the information online, and the laws on cell phone billing. Of course, Verizon has a customer service department with an online report form, which I submitted shortly after midnight on 4/12. The website promises a response within 48 hours. OOPS, time is up. I am looking forward to their response.

If anyone else has had to pay for "toll-free" numbers on their cell phone bill, please let me know. I have solicited legal advice.

Here is the latest definition of irony: I made and received calls on toll-free numbers which were for the purpose of making payment arrangements with credit card companies because I do not have the resources to pay them due to unexpected medical insurance premiums, co-pays & prescriptions. Then along comes Verizon, charging me for the toll-free calls!!!!!!!!!!!!

When I call a toll-free number, I expect it to be precisely that, TOLL-FREE. Please let me know if this has happened to you.

So long


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