As Auntsandiego turns, a diatribe

Remember my use of the word bamboozle recently? Here is the dictionary definition:

"Main Entry: bam·boo·zle Pronunciation: \bam-ˈbü-zəl\ Function: transitive verb Inflected Form(s): bam·boo·zled; bam·boo·zling
Etymology: origin unknown

1 : to deceive by underhanded methods : dupe, hoodwink 2 : to confuse, frustrate, or throw off thoroughly or completely"

The Ivy Hotel bamboozled me. It is Tuesday night, 11 PM. I am listening to LOUD music. I called the police to investigate, just to be absolutely sure the noise is being generated by The Ivy. I am so sick & tired of this whole issue. Is this going to be happening even more often than the 3 nights a week (Th, F, S)? Maybe picket signs: The Ivy is a LOUSY neighbor.

CCDC acknowledged my complaints and advised I would be kept "in the loop" regarding the entertainment permit. Of course, I was never advised of anything more. I even sent a couple of e-mails requesting the status. I must assume (I know) that The Ivy got their way as the music is LOUD again. Certainly my complaints have gone unanswered or ignored.

I now know about EVCAN, Clean & Safe, etc. It seems the current priority is homelessnes & consequences thereof. I am hoping to find others, organized or not to take on the issue of noise. Right now I am listening to the BeeGees, Stayin Alive. It is 12:18 AM.

Tried to get some sleep, no go. I called The Ivy at 12:36 AM, spoke to Mara & learned it is a special event and the music will be going til 1:30 AM. I am thinking I should go directly to the owner. Maybe he has been behind the bamboozling or maybe he doesn't know.

A change of venue to conclude this session of "As Auntsandiego Turns, a diatribe".

Do you know that the US spends more money, per capita, on Health Care that ranks only 37th in the WORLD (not counting 3rd world countries)? What happened to the best nurses, the best doctors, the best facilities, the best support? People used to come from outside the US for expert care. Now they go to Costa Rica?? What happened was the Kaiser plan for HMO's, which were designed to save money and have the ability to treat more patients & employ more specialists. Costs have gone up, care has deteriorated and we find our country mired in paperwork and garbage. The perpetrators of the HMO fiasco, should be called on to find the answer and fixing this mess.

Rules of engagement: NO lobbyists allowed, a plan that excludes bonuses for Administrators, non-medical referrals, and coverage for all, regardless of any 'pre-existing conditions' etc., etc., etc. (borrowed from the King of Siam).

So long


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