This is the last one, but I cannot resist commenting on the fashions worn by Craig Sager. The paisley purple tie made a return appearance. This time with a blue/white striped jacket that reminded me of a circus ringmaster. With the World Series on Fox, no Craig Sager wild outfits.

An AP story defends the bailout, stating the homeless are a financial drain on society and long vacant homes cause harm to lenders.

The above statement could have been a comment on life in San Diego. The homeless population seems to grow larger by the day while high priced condominiums sit vacant. I am NOT suggesting the homeless move into the condos!! I would love to live in one of those buildings. Reality, however, dictates otherwise. As for the homeless, they seem to occupy nooks & crannies (doorways) all over our streets. One area encampment is right next to City Hall. Do our public officials see them as they pass by? They are all around, but especially on C Street. I am referring to the beautiful eyesore that is the California Theatre. They used to break into the building. Now the windows are boarded up and there is some makeshift fencing but I would guess that the structure is rat & bug infested. It is crumbling and somebody needs to do something about it. While CCDC & our City Council declare blight areas that are not remotely blight, this edifice sits there as a magnet for the homeless.

DO SOMETHING That is my message to the people who purport to run this City.

The homeless problem is largely ignored. The other night there appeared to be a turf war between the post office & the library "sleepers". There was a lot of screaming, people were in the street (E St.), cars were doing their best to dodge people. To me, living nearby, it was frightening. There was a man wandering 9th Street screaming about the soldiers. There are many who sit, or seek handouts, or try to find a drink (liquor not water), or ask for cigarettes, or wander, or dig through trash bins, or collect cans/bottles, just trying to find something to occupy the day. All day, every day.

Where are all the idea people? Who has some answers? What are the City hierarchy plans for this problem? Again, DO SOMETHING.

VOTE, VOTE, VOTE Please, make sure to exercise your right to cast a ballot. Every vote counts.

So long


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