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Towers has outlived his usefulness. He has been around too long and has lost the alleged magic touch. The problem now is no one is making the right decisions. We pay BIG prices to watch AAA baseball.

Well, even though the season is long over, we need to talk about the Padres. Season ticket holders received their renewal notices recently. In fact, payment was due yesterday. Many people are not renewing for a multitude of reasons. The number 1 reason is that the management of this organization is very top heavy and they cannot seem to field a winning baseball team. As I have asked many times, What does Sandy Alderson do? It looks like I got at least a partial answer. He signed the letter in the renewal packets. He starts out with the fact that the Padres have had winning records in 2 of 4 seasons. The problem with thinking of that as a positive sign is the fact that no one team wants to win the West. This has been going on for several years. He states the team will have young players surrounded by veterans of championship caliber. Now that will be a toughie. There are only a couple of veteran players and many only have a year or 3 under their belt. Hey, Mr. Alderson, who are these vets?? What do you do????

Today's news included the fact that the Padres have withdrawn their offer to Trevor Hoffman. Will someone please ask if these men are aware of the fact that TREVOR IS THE PADRES????? When Trevor asked to meet with the triumverate (Moores, Towers, Alderson) he was denied. Can you believe that? This same combo of brain matter are trying to get rid of Jake Peavy.

For about 6 weeks at the end of last season we were treated to a constant stream of players. Up & Down, up & down. The air miles must be fantastic for so many trips to/from Portland. It seems that next year's team will be mostly AAA players. It is too bad that John Moores is going through a divorce. It is very bad for Padres fans as our team has become a pawn in the property settlement. So, it seems that dumping salaries will decrease the team's value. It is another fire sale (ala Tom Werner).

So, how about this: renew our season tickets at the price charged in Portland. AND, include their season ticket holders benefits. Wow, they have some great deals. Check it out:
Read the story about the game, you will recognize many of the names from their visits to Petco last season.

I was looking at my bill and noticed there is a preseason game at Petco and the charge for that game is included in the total price. There is no information as to the identity of the opponent, or the date of the game. I deducted that from the bill. Out of the kindness of their hearts, those who renew online do not incur a $15 service charge. I guess Mr. Moores is showing his largesse. I have suggested that the Padres have a meeting with their season ticket holders, but that won't happen. If they won't meet with Trevor, they sure as heck won't me with us.

I will figure out how to hold a "WE WANT TREVOR" rally. It will be posted on this blog. Maybe we could do a 3 tiered rally: one to keep TREVOR, one to get rid of Kevin Towers, and one to charge AAA prices. We should also consider bitching about beer prices. Most grocery stores sell a 12 pack for about $14.00. One single bottle at Petco is $8.25 ($99 for 12),and it will probably be more next season. That is one heck of a HUGE profit margin.

So long

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