The Plot Thickens

it was a short note the note had come in during the 2 weeks she was on vacation with her family in New Orleans it was from the Radiology department with copies to the Genetic department and the Orthopedic department all it said was "did you recheck this sonagram" ? Queenie pulled the chart of Natalynn Winningway and ruffled thru it it looked like a second sonagram hadn't been done "oh no" she thought "i better add her to the sonogram scheldule" and she yelled to her secretary as she rushed out the door attend her first delivery of the day "make an appointment for Natalynn Winningway for a follow up sonogram Wesley what week is she in now" "the 20th week" Wesley replied unhappy with herself Queenie said "i should have schelduled that before i went to New Orleans" "two weeks later won't matter" Wesley shouted as her boss disappeared around the corner at the end of the hall "no i guess two weeks probably won't matter" Queenie thought


The God Complex don't let their beauty confuse's a rare doctor who isn't arrogant....scratch the surface of their insipidly friendly remarks and and you'll find a barbed wire brain that say's " DO NOT ENTER THIS RARIFIED SPHERE " and Dr Amel Markem was no different.....he was well beyond the day when doctors from India and the Middle East felt they had to hide their true persona under the bushel baskets of smiles and lowered lashes....he was brusque...brusque...brusque....and as the Chief Geneticist for the 4 Corners Program... in charge of the newly innovated 3rd Gene Cleaning Program....he was at the top of his game....with every step up the ladder he took.....his bedside manner went further and further into the toilet..... as it should he had decided.....what a lot of rubish it was for a man of pure science to have to be bother with such drivel..... he had come to the Rez from the NIH.....and had been spoiled by the leeway he had to move from point A to point B merely because of the impunity of his genius neurons snapping out a path........ try it....get it right........try it.... get it wrong....try it again....collaborate with a colleaugue down the hall....get him/her to do some of the work.... was there a natural peptide that had a greater afinity for the location site...hand it over to a bright PHD student to do the lab work and tabulate the their results and discoveries your own....after all it is YOUR project PUBLISH....BEFORE ANYONE ESLE DOES....GET A BIG GUN DOC ON BOARD....MENTION HIS INVALUABLE ASSISTANCE even if he only lent you his name...put his name in BIG letters put the initials of your assistants on the bottom in smaller letters... if you're ethical enough to do that..... let me introduce you to the man that wrought a miracle.....or a medical blunder....whichever way it would be viewed....and in the very near future he will be barraged with questions that he has no answers for....... HUMILITY was a long coming to Dr Amel Markem and it may cause him to meltdown......

so many of the tribal people came in the worst of the summer's desert heat to cool themselves....set up their teepee's to spend several weeks fishing and hunting....picking and selling their crafts....and listen to the stories of many cultures in the river canyon.... it was not a pow was more like a rendevous....Natalynn loved this time because Rendevous was well known to her from her Northwest heritage....she always had so many Makah crafts to trade or many were interested in the whaling stories her husband told and the beautiful wooden carvings he did of canoes...whales...seals and sea birds.... Joseph and she felt during that time that they were unique and special....and they were held in high esteem because of their difference....differences that at other times were veiwed with a sceptical eye....indifference and often outright intolerance..... not so much because their Makah tribal conection but because of their gene cleaning...... it had begun not long after the cloning experiments...first on sheep then dogs then humans... how could it have started on humans....all goverments had outlawed it... so much for government promises when the International Genome Mapping Project was completed in Iceland the stage was set for realizing the dream of irraticating recessive gene linked was amazing how quickly the work progress.....suddenly thru gene cleaning they removed the chromosone fragment that caused Tay-Sachs from the Middle Eastern population.....any number of genetically inherited conditions were identified and genes cleaned out of some specific populations affected.... when Cystic Fibrosis was identified and irraticated the world medical community swelled with pride with the almost Godly means they had found to change the condition of mankind it wasn't an easy procedure with double recessive carriers...but they'd done it !!! medical science had done a thing altho contemplated...never expected to move to so swiftly to a positive conclusion....with in vitro fertilization and gene manipulation the possibilities for changes were endless the Native American population was chosen because of their propensity for Diabetis and Alcoholism....... the picture of Native American drunkeness with very little exposure to alcohol was too tempting to pass up....they must have a gene structure that made them more susceptable to alcohol then others......this was a long term very sophisticated cleaning was the fragment for diabetus....perhaps they were linked ???? in time they found that one generation of gene cleaning wasn't enough so whole family were included in a multigenerational approach as she stood on the shore of the river trading and selling her reed baskets and sea shell jewelry Natalynn carried a child whose chromosones had been thru 3 gene cleanings....the first in the country.....the first for the Makah's....the first for the newest cleaning procedure available.....

~~the first of her kind~~and when upon her birth she would be tested for DNA to be mapped~~she wouldn't be human~*~**


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