Update San Diego, 1/12/2011

The FDA will help California to obtain a quick supply of sodium thiopental to be used in executions. I will leave it up to ypu to dream of what Jerry Brown has in mind for California. Arizona Alabama, Oklahoma, Texas, Ohio and Missouri also need a lot of this drug. The best and fastest supplyer is England. It appears England can't send it's people and unwanted children to foreign Islands anymore. They filled up the U.S. with them, but they didn't ever want to go back home. So much for the history of England. Ref: The San Diego Union-Tribune, 1/12/2011 page A9. Also I see Jery Brown is going to take away all the cell phones of state employees. That should not make a big difference, as they haven't heard us for the last 30 years anyway. Almost every street bum I see seems to have one but for what I don't know, except maybe some of them are trying to get back to work as I was for 12 years in the streets from 1982 to1994 when I could have used one to. On a better side, I see China is doing a $100E9+ trade with Africa now. The American Economy is worth $15E12 , and the Chinese economy is worth about $5E12. I see Father Joe just recieved a $1.5E6 check from the United Way and a $5E5 check from the County to pick up 25 people off the street. That comes out to $80,000 a head for a bed. And they said they would find the ones that have been out there the longest and are in the worst health first.


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