Update San Diego, 10/27/2010

Ref: USA Today 10/22-24/10 page1A Another key word in diabetes is Phosphorylation. Insulin released by the pancreas races to muscle cells, to receptors on the cells outer membranes. Once bound the insulin-sensitive receptor undergoes a phosphorylation reaction which sequesters sugar and nutrient vacuums from the inner core of the cells, that pull sugar and nutrients from the blood into the cell. Blood sugar and insulin are controlled, energizing, fat loss and antiaging hormones flood the body in proper amount, proper ratio and at the right time of the day.Testosterone-to estrogen ratios are optimized to allow for increased muscle growth and fat metabolism, protecting you from cancer damage associated with esteogen dominance. When we exercise, fat melting hormones catecholamines are released by the adrenal glands. At night human growth hormones surge to help our cells recover from stress and aging. When we eat our body becomes more sensitive to hormones ghrelin and leptin which burn off calories via Thermogenesis another key word in diabetes. This process will optimize with hormone intelligence. Our malnourised and dying cells are renewed by this reaction. If our cells are numb to insulin, the recepter does not elicit and this reaction when bound by insulin hormonal intelligence ceases to exist. Sugar and vital nutrients remain out of reach of aging, insulin-resistant cells and float in the blood stream with nowhere to go.


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