Update San Diego, 11/10/2010

Don't forget the Duch helped England fend off the Spanish Armada in 1588. They also forced the Portuguese the Spanish allies from the indian ocean. The duch investors bought Russian grain fields and German vineyards. About all the Spanish did is rape the land and people and leave with all the wealth. They haven't done much since the colonial days except live off the poor in Mexico and South America in slave camps. The Spanish homeless shelters in the United States are trying to do it again. On my visit to Little Falls, Minnesota to see my uncle and aunt I seen that the Spanish are moving into small town America also. That is Little Falls is only about 8000 people and the Spanish thought is already taking over the cities buisnesses with cheep labor and by sending the seniors to Mexico the save the poor. That is the Catholic service way to get their foot in the door. I told Father mark that he will be able to take over the whole town in less than 10 years as the current population is to old and dead to care anyway. Don't forget Clinton and Cornwallis's troops with the British and Hessians landed almost unhindered.


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