Update San Diego 11/03/2010

On Jerry Brown - Father Pat Brown, married Bernice layne in October 1930, had a law practice in 1943. Spent 23 years as a elected official, 7 years as district attorney general, eight years as attorney general and eight years as Governor.Pat Browns grand father's 1) Augustus Schuckman came to America in 1850, worked in the MidWest and moved to California in 1852. The other grand father 2) Joseph Brown was from Ireland, fleeing the potato famine, moved to bostonharbor area, to the city of Framingham, Mass. where he lived with the Irish. In 1866 he moved to San Francisco. They were in the earthquake around 5AM on April 18, 1906, which lasted, with fires for three days razing 521 city blocks. Fourth of 5 children was Edmund Joseph Brown- that is Pat Brown. He and his brothers were in the Grove street Gang, enemies of the neaby Fulton Street Gang. Pat was brought up Irish Catholic, was invited to a retreat at the El Retiro, a Catholic center in Los Gatos, South of San francisco. He became a come and go Sunday Catholic. He was with Harry Bridges an Australian born leader of the International Long Shormen's Assiciation who was accused of being a communist. Now think John Kennedy. He also had a poker hall in the San Francisco Tenderloin district and spent a lot of time in South America. Now on our next govenor, Jerry Brown. He was born April 7th 1938, third son of four children. His father was a Catholic, his mother a Protestant and grew up in the Forest Hill Section of San Francisco. He attended public schools until the forth grade when he entered St. Brendan's Parochial School. He went to St. Ignatius High School and gradusted in June 1955. He spent one year at the Santa clara University and time in the ROTC. He went to the Sacred Heart seminary in Los Gatos to become a monk-that is as Ignatius of Loyola, founder of the Jesuit order, was a soldier first and historically became a confessor to the kings of Europe. He and his friends, that is now Jerry would get their ph'Ds and than have a chair at harvard. In the seminary, Jerry met a West point graduate , wore black pants and black jackets,- now think Al-Qaida.noteB/Brown, Jerry Brown, Yhe Philosopher Prince, page 16-27. After 2 years he took a permanent vow to the Jesuit order. So this makes him a Jesuit!. His friend spoke of how it was like a communist prison,- think John Kennedy again. Jerry finds ways simmular to Buddhism. Jerry and his friend decide to drop out and left to enroll at the University of California at Berkely,- now think Al-Qaida training camps. Jerry enlisted at Yale Law School with a friend in 1961 and graduated in 1964. He became a law clerk to justice Mathew Tobriner in California. He spent time with the Kennedy"s in California with his father,- now think communist and Kennedy assassination. He became secretary of State in 1971, was Governor in 1975-83 and mayor of oakland in 1998. Now think assassination attempt on Regan. He will be our next Governor of California. Now think Germany, England Royal family and Al-Qaida with Osama Bin laden and Geo W Bush. Ref: B Brown, Salzman, B Brown, Rarick, B Brown Schell, B Brown, Pack


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