Update Little Falls 3/31/2010

Was down by the dam yesterday and to my suprise I seen a muskrat. It was a brave one to, as it was swiming in the spill-way pool of the dams open gates. The fish are not running yet but should be doing so between now and May 15. The insects are starting to hang around the dam too. 1. A little more information on Okinawa's plan to move the U.S. base there. Ref: The Wall Street Journal, 3/31/10 page A14 2. Nero's palace is falling apart in Rome. The palace, built by Nero in the 1st century A.D., now has stability doubts. Ref: The Wall Street Journal, 3/31/10 page A18 3. Well the electric car will be on the lot in December, and made in the U.S.A. after 2013. Ref: The Wall Street Journal, 3/31/10 page B2 4. If some of your friends are missing, you might want to try looking at Stericle Inc. in Kansas City, Kan. and Bio Care in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Ref: St. Cloud Times, 3/31/10 page 10A


All right, John, stop being coy--where's Judy? Here in San Diego? Portland, Oregon? Salt Lake City, Utah? Let the cat out of the bag already. And please explain your relationship with her. Does she want to marry you, or were you two just friends and after you shocked her by proposing, did she give you the old, "Hey, that's really sweet of you, but let's not complicate a good friendship with mariage, okay? All right, I'll see you around, bye."

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