Update Little Falls 3/24/2010

Walking to dinner I seen some signs of Spring. Seen two small black beetles walking on the side walk, the trees are starting to push out buds, and there are sings of green in the grasses. I have been watching two apple trees on my way to dinner each night, and noted the fruit grew all summer and no one picked them. A lot of the fruit stayed on the trees all winter and dryed to a level that kept them eatable without freeze damage. As the buds come out, i'll watch to see if they push the old fruit off and put out a new bud. Also seen a song bird outside my window this morning, it reminded me of our little friends at the Sun Cafe. Hey Mable, this reminds me of our research in gardening at the Sun Cafe and your fruit trees and home garden. Wish we were still at the Sun Cafe- until next time " As the Sun Cafe goes on "


John, would you please post a picture of yourself. I enjoy your insightful views of the world so much, especially of life in Little Falls at the Sun Cafe, that I'd like to be able to attach a face to these delightful musings.

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