Update Little Falls 2/17/ 2010

  1. Hunters harvested 194,178 deer in 2009, 12% fewer than last year because the state issued fewer permits in 2009. 2 People are moving their money away from stock funds and into bond funds. Ref: USA Today, 2/17/10 page 1B
  2. A very good story on the power grid -noting, it is well over 100 years old- and a move to a smart grid. Ref: USA Today, 2/17/10 page 1B & 2B
  3. The churches in the United States are failing. They have been failing faster each year for 80 years. What could happen next!. Maybe we will become a nation of God-less killers. " You have been killers since the beganing of time" , think about it. The government can not keep the country going. Buisness has left the country and is saying it is too expensive to do buisness in the country. The non-American buisness that comes into the country do not want to hire Americans and are using illegal labor to rob the country. With all this, the the government is blind and dead to the problem. Ref: USA Today, 2/17/10 page 10B
  4. China is reducing its debtholding in the U.S.. Ref: The Wall Street Journal, 2/17/10 page A8


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