Update Little Falls 10/21/09

It looks like Pope Benedict XVI is trying to find some unity between the Worldwide Anglican Communion, the Church of England, and the Rock of Peter!. This has been a on going disunion since the 16 th century. As we all know all the Apostles were martyred except John on patmos.The Archbishop of Canterbury knows all the wealth of the fallen kings of Europe went to the Benedictines in abbeys when civil governments were allowed to evolve. This evolution took us through the Jewish Evangelical Christian Communism of Karl Marx Sr., Marxism-Leninism and Stalin which destroyed the Apostolic Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church. This ideology was interwoven into the emperors of China, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam. I would suggest that Pope Benedict XVVI, the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams and the Jesuits in Notre-Dame to put together an envoy and return to the Summer Palace in China that they destroyed. They should also talk to the emperor of Japan and Vietnam and the royal familys of South East Asia. The emperor of Vietnam is living in the French Riviera in France. To sum it up; If John the Apostle who went to Patmos to start the Faith that went to Constantinople to change the Romans to Greek that went to Moscow is the True Faith of the Apostolic Eastern Orthodox Catholic Church we have the Christology of the Jesuits in the Eastern Emperors!.This system has accepted civil government and a some- what peacefull world. By the way the Eastern Orthodox Catholic church allows priests to marry but they cannot become bishops if they do.. But the Anglicans can not get along with women and are evolving into homosexual life styles it may never work. Ref: Star Tribune, 10/21/09 page A3


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