On war and the jihadist 10/7/2009

Why would you live in caves, drink water from the bellies of dead camels, raise a country of youth that love death and create the "forever war', of ideologies against civil government. With all this lost and with victory, still remain a wilderness of thorn bushes and termite mounds, without heroic memorials to mark the area. To say to God's helpers " Say: 'In fury they fell upon us.'/ Report how savagely their swords tore you." As the spear butts hit your mouth"Say: 'when pain racked me everywhere / Men lay sleepless at my shrieks." hyenas eat Corfield's flesh, and crows pluck at his veins and tendons. Tell God's servants that the mullah's militants "are like the advancing thunder-bolts of a storm, rumbling and roaring.' As the "Mahdi' or redemer who beheaded Gen. Charles George Gordon at Khartoum. As I engaged in Pakistan I wrote "The Story of the Malakand Field Force." As the influence of this religion paralyses the socil development of those who follow it. I wrote "The River War: An Historical Account of the Reconquest of the Soudan."But to starve them off by blocking their ports, they battled each other for ascendancy and loot. As with nature the Devish movement was taken down with the flu! Ref: News week., Out 12, 09, page 42-47

It was payday today, so I feel good that I got in another two weeks of work and moved another step ahead in life for Judy's and my future in a free country and in Gods favor.


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