thoughts on mental illness and corporate control

    I Just thought id drop a line expressing my current feelings about big time control from coporations and how they limit the lively hood of the mently ill population.

To disturbed scizoprenic bipolar or even just plain crazy! These are the new places to find bigotry.(placed on man). They are a simple and easy target to make capital and personal gain. The inability to almost coexist inside the goverment rule of our hopes and realities. We are limited in our social skills and our sucess rate is minimal. I directly put a big part of the blame on the loss of Brotherly concern from the ritch parts of the controlling companys. They find it easy to disavow our seperate needs and ignore that certain abstaining rules are never concerned for, or in focus. They are against the declaration of indepandence itsselse. I myself have been personally beat by an illness and in turn truly disrepected by parties controlling my finacials wares. Beware of who you are , you may sneak up on yourself and find that you have minimal control over your own kno wledge of life and it could be in jepardy. Mildy confused or on a large scale this city this nation has seen what its lack of help in ways that may have been shown to the mentally impovershed. sucess against a wrong dissision maybe? Time as come for the people to realize that sickness can come in many forms and its the responsability of the community to take honest concern towards each others needs. I speak of only what ive expercienced with the big money bags, but those groups i say should pay. Our happiness nay our Love of life may be at stake one day. Honor for all created minds thoughts chances, a beliefe doesnt have to be sick or even in danger.

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You have made a valid point. The stigma of mental illness has permeated my entire life. It makes me sad. I once held so much promise.

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