Fallen Filner: former mayor to host CNN program alongside Weiner, Spitzer

"You may enjoy The View, but what you need is The Dangle."

SD on the QT has learned that ex-Mayor Bob Filner is preparing to join disgraced former Governor Eliot Spitzer and disgraced Former Congressman Anthony Weiner as hosts of The Dangle, the new centerpiece of CNN's Late-Night Programming. The show, which will air weeknights at midnight, promises to deliver "more adult fare" than what viewers can find during prime-time viewing hours. "A lot of time," says CNN Head of Programming Sam Pander, "we'll see a story that's just hanging there - dangling, if you will - waiting for someone to grab it. But people shy away because it's just too hot. Not these guys. There's room for a frank and funny discussion about how your political sausage gets made. These guys all have significant real-world experience, and it's given them a certain perspective. We're calling it, 'The angle of The Dangle.' Wait, why is everybody smiling? Is it because I said 'sausage'?"


Great "spoof", another possible show title could be The Three Stooges Meet the Press. I am sure that Anderson Cooper is envious !!!

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