Mayor Filner responds to Taylor Baldwin's on-air claim, "He made me feel cheap."

"I need help. I make terrible jokes all the time."

On July 14, the Reader's website">published a transcribed account of a UT-TV Prime Time with Taylor Baldwin segment in which she recalled an encounter with Mayor Bob Filner:

“He loves women. He made that apparent to me the moment he met me. In front of witnesses, he would — and he had a fiancée. I mean, this was before they — you know… He just recently — the fiancée just recently broke up with him, but, while he had a fiancée. He was, like, ‘Whoa, you are so beautiful. Are you single? Are you single? Are you married? Are you married? You want to be the first lady of San Diego?’ I mean, he was all over me. It was crazy. And there was police ch — police chiefs there. And it made me feel cheap. It made me feel uncomfortable. And I just kind of laughed it off. I did that, ‘I’m gonna survive the moment thing’… He asked to take a picture and then I got away.”

Today, the Mayor's office released a statement on the Baldwin account. "I met Ms. Baldwin in mid-2012, shortly after the release of the promotional video she produced for a product she invented called Hot Buns."">" alt="None">

by Walter Mencken

"Hot Buns is a sort of spring-form coil that helps women create the hairstyle known as the bun."">" alt="None">

by Walter Mencken

"But Ms. Baldwin's video, to my eye, clearly sought to play upon the fact that 'Hot Buns' might also be a term used to describe a woman's attractive backside."">" alt="None">

by Walter Mencken

"'I'm Taylor Baldwin, and you're gonna love hot buns!' she says at the outset. 'I love hot buns!' exclaims one woman. 'It goes in fast and easy, and it feels good!' exclaims another. 'The secret is in the shaft,' explains Baldwin. The notion of a shaft going in fast and easy and feeling good, coupled with a product named Hot Buns, seemed to me to have an obvious sexual connotation."">" alt="None">

by Walter Mencken

"Also, 'The elastic band secures the bun in place keeping your bun high and tight all day and all night!' It should be noted that 'high and tight' is another term that might be used to describe a woman's attractive backside."">" alt="None">

by Walter Mencken

"'I got big buns and I like it!" declares another woman. 'Hot Buns comes in three sizes,' replies Baldwin, 'Mini, Medium, and Big Fatty.' It should be noted that Justin Timberlake's recent hit 'Suit and Tie' refers to an attractive woman's backside in just this manner: 'Stop, let me get a good look at it/ So thick, now I know why they call it a fatty.'"">" alt="None">

by Walter Mencken

"'Everyone will want your hot buns!' concludes Baldwin. 'Flat buns? Saggy, loose buns? Ladies, it's time to get some hot buns!' It should be noted that 'flat' and 'saggy' are terms that might be used to describe a woman's unattractive backside. Then Ms. Baldwin announces that her product costs only $10."

"When I learned this last piece of information, I said to Ms. Baldwin, 'You're selling your hot buns for only $10? Wow, that's pretty cheap! Are you single? Do you want to be the First Lady of San Diego?' The implication being that, given the city's financial woes, a bargain like that would make good fiscal sense. Looking back, I realize that was a terrible joke. But at least I didn't suggest that Ms. Baldwin's Hot Buns might work better without the elastic band. The implication being that I allegedly told a woman that she might work better without panties on her personal Hot Buns, and panties utilize an elastic band. And looking back, I realize that was also a terrible joke. I need help."


It couldn't hurt if women stopped "laughing off" Filthy Filner's advances, and loudly called him out on his despicable behavior in front of everyone present. "Laughing it off" only reinforces his notion that it's harmless, not a big deal, etc. Humiliate the pig. Do that a couple of times, and he'll most likely change, or at least take pains to hide what he is.

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