Too much unity in diversity?

Consortium of male Caucasian academics files grievance against UC Board of Regents after appointment of African-American woman to lucrative equity, diversity, and inclusion post.

Plaintiffs demand special minority consideration as members of the patriarchy. "There just aren't that many of us in academia; and we face near-constant abuse and marginalization."

Linda S. Greene

SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER, UCSD ADMINISTRATION BUILDING - "Here is the simple, black-and-white fact of the matter," said Peter Prick, founder of Neglected White Academics (NWA), as he prepared to pin a neatly printed protest notice on the campus-designated notice board. "Fully 90% of all Diversity and Inclusion Vice-Chancellorships in the American university system are held by African-American women. The appointment of Linda Greene to that post for the UC system represents the perpetuation of a structural injustice. It's not about her qualifications; we're happy to believe that a lawyer-turned-professor can also somehow morph into an effective administrator. It's about building diversity among diversity program heads. It's about equity - and it's right there in her title."

"But it's not all bad news," concluded Prick. "At $250,000 a year, she's still being paid only 70% of the salary earned by male vice-chancellors in other departments."

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The only thing I DEMAND from this piece is for you to tell me you didn't invent the name "Peter Prick". If you did, then lie to me, you magnificent bastard.

I'd much rather tell you what is almost the truth. "Magnificent bastard" is probably the nicest thing anyone has ever called me.

I posted a comment last night, looks like it was deleted.....cannot even recall what it was, probably something like this is why we are BK....

Oh wait, i didn't even read this, this is an almost factual news!!!!!!

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