Chargers Announce Decision to Retire Junior Seau's Brain

Following Retirement of Linebacker's Number, NFL Team Honors The Mind Behind the Man

Chargers Spokesman: "He was more than a number. He was one of the great linebacking thinkers in NFL history. We want to honor that by preserving his brain, whole and intact, in a special display at">Seau's Stadium. Boston University will just have to find">someone else's brain to poke around in."">" alt="None">

by Walter Mencken


People never cease to amaze me in the worst of ways...especially when it comes to "death", the single most devastating pain! We all really need to put more thought into our "words and actions"!

If this were thoughts are~ He did not share his "mental" horrific he took his life...he shared his thoughts with NOONE! Call me stupid but...that fact alone- leads me to believe...he may not approve of this "display" of his brain. The illness he suffered was "in the brain"...are we seriously going to place it on display...its NOT a caused him to take his I seriously missing something?!! The things he did for his community...Im convinced he would want his brain to be studied with hope it may save the life of a fellow team-mate someday! This is "in my opinion"...OUTRAGEOUS!...sorry folks...but WOW...who made this decision?

And if this article is a "spoof"...shame on you the writer, and shame on the Reader for printing! If I were a company doing business with the Reader...that would end today! What were you thinking printing this crap...a man lost his life and has a family who is still very much in pain...what in the world would prompt an intelligent person to print this crap...seriously...spoof...whatever...thought nothing would shock me more than reading this but hearing its a spoof...I was wrong...I cant imagine being his family and having to read this nonsense!

i thought it was funny Walter but let's face taste is questionable

I certainly respect your opinion Nan~likewise~ you not find the humor if he were your father, son, brother, etc...

of course u are correct meshella...excuse my opinion

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