Mural furor, continued!

94 MLK mural is vandalized; police are baffled.

Caption contest winner: "This is why we can't have nice things."

"That first symbol has us confused," says Officer Sam Keystone, head of the SDPD's Tagger Department. "I mean, 'C O King' - that much is clear, even if its meaning isn't. But that first thing? It looks sort of like a heart, but that vertical line coming out of the top makes it look almost like an apple. Then again, some clown named Mencken keeps calling our tip hotline and insisting it's a Sacred Heart, like the one you see at the House of Blues:

Anyway, this Mencken person goes on and on about how, since it's a famous Christian symbol, it points to the 'notorious outlaw gang' Godless America Liberal Lobby (GALL). The 'C O King,' he says, stands for 'Christian Oppressor King.' I think it's nutty, but the fact remains, we don't have anything better to go on right now."

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