Turf War! Disgruntled Tea Party Gang Riled Over Populist Newcomers Occupy San Diego

When you're TP

You're TP all the way

From your first Palin Speech

To your last voting day

When you're TP

If the fat cats bust in

You've got Glenn Beck around

He can fight 'em and win!

You're never ignored

You're always represented!

You'll never get bored

Something always gets resented!

Your rage is vented!



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Great poem! Video: Flashback...mutually assured destruction... didn't stop the boys from the hood. It's weird that both sides look exactly alike: same clothes, same haircuts.

You can definitely tell the TP-ers and the Occupiers apart: one thing I noticed at the OccupySD gatherings is that the Occupiers' signs were grammatically correct and had no mis-spellings. Compare to the TP signage from yesteryear!

Thank you, InOmbra. Credit, of course, goes to the inspired songwriting of West Side Story. Standing on the shoulders of giants...

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