Local Hipsters Begin to Abandon Occupy San Diego

As Occupy San Diego Enters Fifth Day, Downtown Protests Dismissed As "Too Mainstream"

"We're gonna check out Occupy Fresno."


SOME COFFEESHOP YOU'VE PROBABLY NEVER HEARD OF — "At first, it was pretty cool," says Aviv Avela of his participation in the Occupy San Diego protests aimed at the the Bastards. "There was a really anti-establishment vibe, but still mellow. I mean, I know the whole thing was derivative of Occupy Wall Street, but we managed to give it a local feel, you know?"

But after a couple of days, says Avela, "we started to get the posers and the hangers-on showing up. People who weren't really anti-establishment, just not-yet-establishment. People who would happily spend their lives propping up the system, if only they could find a job. That's not protest, that's class envy. Lame."

"Now," he concludes, "the scene is just played out. Too much media attention, too little creative spark. The sell-out is coming, just like it always does. Give it a week, and it'll be called Twitter Presents: Occupy San Diego."

[Photo credit: dwbat]

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