Who Plays Who: Southeastern Economic Development Corp Edition

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Ray Winstone was once set to star in Last of the Ninth, a show about a cop attempting to investigate internal corruption.

In an effort to prevent further scandal, SEDC interim head Brian Trotier has had to begin investigating the financial history of potential employees.

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On The Jeffersons, Isabel Sanford played Weezie, a black woman who managed to move on up to the Upper East Side.

Former SEDC President Carolyn Harris found creative ways to compensate SEDC employees in order to bring them up to CCDC earning levels.

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In Goldfinger, Harold Sakata played Oddjob, a skilled assassin who was nevertheless employed as a driver and golf caddy.

Former SEDC Finance Director Dante Dayacap filed for personal bankruptcy three times but was nevertheless placed in charge of vast sums of public money.


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