Atheists Propose Alternative to Camp Pendleton Cross

Anti-Faith Group Claims Middle Finger Statue Would Express "Marines' Attitude Toward the Enemy, Toward Death, and Arguably, Toward Any Deity That Would Make a World Screwed Up Enough to Necessitate the Existence of the Marines."

"A fitting salute, and a fitting tribute."

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The current cross, and the proposed replacement.

OVERLOOKING A VALLEY WHERE MEN TRAIN FOR WAR - Former Army Major James Torpor wants to make it clear that he doesn't hate dead soldiers. "In arguing that the Camp Pendleton memorial cross is unconstitutional, I am not in any way arguing that we ought not to memorialize those who have given their lives for this country in military service. But as head of Atheists in Foxholes, I think it both dangerous and disingenuous to sanction the display of a particular religious symbol on public land. You put a cross on a hillside, and next thing you know, you're stoning women accused of adultery. The Bible is clear on the matter, Jesus or no Jesus."

That's why he has proposed an alternative memorial: a huge, granite middle finger, to be placed where the cross now stands. He's even begun a Kickstarter campaign to secure funding for the project, and has already collected over $11 toward his goal of $50,000. "Finally, it's a more fitting tribute," Torpor argues. "Jesus was led like a lamb to the slaughter - it says so right there in Scripture. He offered no resistance. If there's anything that's the total opposite of what it means to be a Marine, I'd say that's it."


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