Mommy tells me that it's only three weeks until Fall, but you'd never know it by the heat. It doesn't help that I'm wearing a fur coat and that it feels like it's a hundred degrees in here...but that's a late summer for you. Either way, I'm enjoying the view while munching on my carrots. I keep a close eye on the trees outside my door. There seems to be a bird friend jumping around in the foliage. I can see a tail feather sticking out of a clump of leaves. No, wait! The feather just disappeared! I can hear chirping as the tail dances amongst the leaves.
Suddenly, the birdy makes a quick landing on the ground. He sees me staring back at him which seems to make him a little anxious. Who are you and why are you staring at me like that? asks the feathery one. My name's Ramsey, and I like your feathers. Can you teach me how to fly? I ask. He ruffles his feathers as if to shake off the dust from years of not bathing. He has pretty wings that are very colorful. Fly? Why, it's rather simple. Here, I'll demonstrate, he says, while raising and lowering his wings in unison. He takes a running leap while beating his tiny wings against the breeze. I am mesmerized by this and attempt to follow his lead. I find myself jumping up and down on my platform, which proves to be too much of a silly thing. Before I know it, I have landed on the floor of my house, where I proceed to land in my water bowl. Uh, oh! I have splashed water everywhere. By the time my bottom is soaked, I notice that my bird friend has left. I desperately search for him but he is nowhere to be seen. Once again, I am feeling blue that my wings have yet to be earned. I am so determined to get them...


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