It's a wonderful day! It's summertime! I'm so happy that I want to fly! I can see my bird friends outside. They're playing around on the ground, their wings are flapping, their chirps are loud and clear. I wish that I can join them, in their little bird dance, but I'm inside. I eat my carrots as I watch them frolic in the sunshine.

Suddenly, the door to my house opens. Mommy scoops me up in her hands. We go into her big room where soft music is playing. She holds me gently in her arms as we waltz around the room. She pets my fur as she sings softly. I love this! We're dancing together, Mommy and me-when the song is over, Mommy gives me a gentle kiss on the cheek and returns me to my house. I continue eating my niblets until I spy a little red and black ball on the bushes nearby.

It looks like a lady bug. She is so tiny but full of energy. I can see that she is happy. How can she not be. She is jumping from leaf to leaf-the sunlight is touching her back and she can...FLY!

Come back, little friend! Don't leave! I sigh. It's too late. My lady bug has left my sights. I hope that she is safe wherever her journey takes her.


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