Tolerence Vs. Tryanny

Everyone minds their own. No Questions asked, no judgement, a simple exceptance. I was walking by a street community of homeless, wayfarin people. Wonderers who were painting, sleeping, fixing a tent, even playing hackysack. They were layed out in this street/ park community in Portland Oregon. Just walking past you sense a strange notion that all is balanced. They were friendly, left alone, I even dare say respected as human beings. Only Portland holds this odd tolerence for humans who aren't at the same place most of us are. This homeless community are fed daily by volunteers and city agencies. I was even offered to share lunch with two old street gentlemen. It was rice day. Once asked if I was for or against them, I replied for them everyone started posing for pictures. Other cities should observe, take notes and incorporate this exceptance of people and lifes differnt stages.


"Does it take much of a man to see his whole life go down, To look up from the gutter, from a hole in the ground, To live his whole life like a horse that's gone lame, To lie in the gutter and die with no name,,,,"

I dunno how i feel about it. I think those who are living it see less 'balance' than a writer who has a refuge, a home, to return to after a day spent interpeting despair. Perhaps they feel some degree of hope, but spending the day playing hackeysack, sleeping, or fixing a tent and posing for pictures does not a fisherman make. There are some organizations out there that take the downtrodden in and immerse them in new beginnings and actually give them real hope. For those that are not interested in that, or not fortunate enough to find that path what can you say? I don't think anyone's riding freight trains anymore, looking for a better way. Woody Guthrie woulda' wanted to do something about it, but picking someone up who has no desire to stand? There's ten people lookin' to stand for every one who you call a 'wonderer ' or maybe you meant 'wanderer'?

Still, I appreciated the article, just not sure how I feel about the message. Now, on a lighter note; the first one who can tell me the author of the first four lines of my comment wins a two day stay in Portland. You also win a copy of Johnny Cash's " Wayfarin Stranger" just so by the time you get there, you really understand just what wayfarin means.

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