Home alone at eleven?

It appears that a parent can legally leave a child of age eleven home alone. As the state does not provide parents with any resources for childcare assistance after age eleven. They do not seem to have any school resouces for after school care for middle graders. The rude awakening is disturbing considering many children like mine are not mature enough to be left alone. The safe world is not always so safe and making life or death decesions should be a grown ups responsibilities not a childs. Some outside resources provide a play place like the Boys and Girls club. But how to get a child there if work is required makes me cringe. I am at a loss, I refuse to leave him alone so I figure, we don't need food, transportation, or shelter. I can keep my child protected and keep him with me safe and out of harms way. This is just one struggle of many for parents trying to do the best thing. Do I really have to loose everything to provide common safety? Single parent of two in distress!


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