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Entries for April, 2013


I'm not Mrs. Alessio!

She was my mother-in-law's mother. I married her grandson. They owned an old restaurant in Banker's Hill called "Mister A's." Mrs. Alessio was Mister A's wife. At one point in San Diego's history, I hear their style was legendary. And I promise you, it was well earned. My in-laws, both ...

Those Tough Choices

Something had to go. Both backpacks were full and the beer had not been packed. "I can live on two Clif bars and a bag of trail mix so lose the crackers and sardines," one said. "I'll take out two shirts but I'm keeping my food," the other answered. That ...

Earth Day on the Mountain

Take a drive. Come up the hill. All kinds of things have come to life this spring above 4000 feet. Right now the lilacs are fully in bloom and can be purchased by the bunch for $5-$10 throughout town. If you can't find actual lilacs, American Gardner on Main Street ...

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